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Waistpack Whiteline by Christian Lacroix

Waistpack Whiteline by Christian Lacroix

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This Product has a Minimum Quantity of 25

Introducing the Lacroix Whiteline Travel Bag – a fusion of materials, including nylon, mesh, and smooth PU, creating a modern tactile experience. The play on various black textures imparts a contemporary touch to the overall design. What sets this travel bag apart are the fresh & contrastive white detailings zipper detail – a reversed white zipper that creates an unexpected "white line" effect, adding a modern & active vibe. The finishing touch is the Christian Lacroix logo executed in white TPU, harmonizing with the zipper detail and infusing the line with a distinctly contemporary feel. The interior features a monogrammed lining. This belt bag is highlt practical & feels resolutely modern & current.

Colour: Black


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