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Why Do I Need Luxury Promotional Gifts?

We supply exclusive premium corporate products raising brand awareness to a new level and helping to develop successful marketing strategies. With products from leading names, our collections of premium branded innovative gifts & ideas are guaranteed to leave memorable impressions with your clients and staff. From the finest clothing to bespoke confectionery you can easily add your logo, message and company details to create impressive marketing campaigns.

With our industry leading production times getting that important promotion out to market could not be easier.

Quality & Innovation

Quality and innovative promotional products have been proven to be one of the most effective forms of promotional gifts as these items will be remembered most and create opportunities for a higher number of impressions.

Factors to consider when choosing your Promotional Gifts

When choosing your promotional gifts ask yourself the following questions:

  • How regularly will the product be used in the target market?
  • Does the product have a meaningful function?
  • Will it create impressions with other people maximising advertising coverage?

If you have an idea of something that you have in mind then get in touch, new concepts and products regularly get offered to us and we may be able to suggest alternatives.

Leaving the right impression

Whether you are creating opportunities for customer strategies or rewarding your own staff impress with a Luxury Promotional Gift and increase brand awareness and recognition. If people are satisfied with their free gift referrals increase by 500% and keep people engaged with your brand for longer.

People love freebies

Everyone like a free giveaway, 88% of people remember the name of the company providing a free gift and 85% will do business with that company. It is therefore the most successful form of advertising as it engages people on a physical level. Most products are kept for longer than one year with 58% kept up to 4 years. Why not consider a free gift instead of discounts.

Brand recognition

Increase sales by adding QR codes and hashtags to keep brand awareness high. Maximise the effectiveness of your visiting staff by developing corporate identities such as uniforms, laptop bags, pens, water bottles, power banks and earphones.

All of our promotional gifts are customisable and many of the minimum quantities will be able to cater for smaller marketing campaigns.

We supply products that can be used in the workplace environment or for personal use. View our collections to see the latest gadgets, quality clothing or confectionery.

Do your homework

This is an essential part of your strategy, consider inputs like environmental issues, for example, is the product sustainable, is it made from recycled materials and can it be re-used. Depending on how you may wish to align your product with the quality your brand stands for and you might consider spending extra to achieve this. Choose a product that is innovative and passes our 3 tests above for maximum effectiveness.

Choose The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company

Find your luxury promotional gifts and innovative ideas from our many collections of products including:

Choose The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company for your premium corporate products and start creating those lasting impressions.

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