• Fingerprint Padlock
  • Foldable Silicone Cup
  • Double Induction Charging Speaker
  • Leakproof Bottles
  • Lima Backpack
  • North Face Resolve Jacket

Transform your ideas to life with Luxury Promotional Gifts

The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company is an innovative supplier of quality premier products designed to increase your brand awareness to target new or existing business.

Easily add your corporate details or logos to any of the products in our collection to transform them into stunning messages that will promote quality marketing campaigns and add that ‘wow’ factor.

Show your clients how important they are to you whilst ensuring that your brand is never forgotten

Bring your ideas to life by adding your corporate details to our gifts. All of our promotional gifts are customisable and many of the minimum quantities are small enough to cater for the smallest marketing campaigns.

We supply products that can be used in the workplace environment or for personal use. View our collection to see the latest gadgets, quality clothing or confectionery

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will guide you through the all processes involved efficiently to ensure a fast and stress-free service.

We have gifts to suit any budget, you can access many more products at the following link Promotions Only Gifts

We also have dedicated sites for the following products

For Lanyards and Card Holders - Promotions Only Lanyards

For Wristbands - Promotions Only Wristbands


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