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RCS Standard Recycled Plastic and TPE 6 in 1 Cable

RCS Standard Recycled Plastic and TPE 6 in 1 Cable

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6 in 1 retractable cable where the case is made out of RCS certified recycled ABS plastic and the wire from recycled TPE. RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard to verify the recycled content of a product throughout the whole supply chain. RCS is the standard that is used when a part of the item has been made from recycled materials. The cable has 5 different connectors: USB C in, USB A in, type C out, IOS out and micro USB out. This allows you to use the cable also with type C output devices that are included in the newer generation of phones and macbook computers. The cable also has a USB A output input option so it can charge any device from any output source. Item is completely PVC free.

Engrave area: 30mm by 30mm

Set up @ £45.00 per colour
Price includes one colour print
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