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What Makes a Luxury Promotional Gift?

What makes a luxury promotional gift different from everyday branded merchandise? Well, we attempt to answer that question here and have listed a number of factors which we consider, in our opinion, to be important.


Although products can be more expensive, they are not overpriced, but this may be the least important factor as people are far readier to dismiss an overpriced version of what they can already obtain. The price however reflects the increased expense of incorporating all elements into a luxury brand.


We consider this a major factor in our definition. Luxury products will be made from higher grade materials and last longer than cheaper versions. The touch and feel of a superior item set these products apart and are often instantly recognisable. People desire products from quality manufacturers. Social and economic ethics are also often associated with luxury brands and allows people to support that brand.


This is another major contribution to a luxury brand and can be perceived as uniqueness and stature. Top brand names are able to demand this with elegant designs and aesthetics and are able to communicate the associated quality. The look is intended to set luxury merchandise apart from everyday items. Designer brands will update their collections more regularly creating a sense of exclusivity.


There are many capable promotional products that are viewed as very ordinary because their brands or materials are common and easy to own. If something is more difficult to own then it is likely to become a luxury product.

As you can see there are many different inputs into answering our question. The term luxury is a feeling, a mindset and a lifestyle that can command desire amongst your recipients.

If you decide to pursue the luxury promotional gift route, we have many categories on our easy to navigate website to inspire ideas. Choose a particular designer brand or product and adjust budgets accordingly. Some of our designer brands have requested that we do not show prices on our website, however by contacting us we will be happy to quote you on their products.

As mentioned already, designer brands will update their collections regularly and we try to accommodate these changes by updating our products. You can view the latest items in our new products category. You may have your own ideas or maybe you have seen something elsewhere that is not on our website and are wondering if it is available for promotional merchandise, in which case please feel free to contact us, we have access to many luxury brands and products.

Find out more from our website The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company Ltd alternatively ring us on 01256 880019 or email to enquiries@luxurypromotionalgifts.co.uk

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