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Unlock Your Potential with Luxury Promotional Gifts


As Spring and Summer approach and the likelihood of business returning to some normality can you afford not to be prepared? Promotional gifts have proved time and time again to be the most cost-effective method of advertising. With so many products to choose from, you need products that leave memorable impressions.

How can you do this? When deciding your marketing strategy, you need to think of unique items. For example, if you receive a promotional pen, you would expect to be able to use it for a reasonable period of time not throw it away after a week, right? Remember that the longer the product is usable the greater the impression i.e., the amount of exposure your brand has with your customer and the people around them. Trendsetting promotional pens include a stylus for smart phones and tablets, perhaps a factor to consider. Cheaper is not always cost-effective and an inferior product will do nothing to build brand recognition.

At Luxury Promotional Gifts we supply premium products and unique ideas. With items from leading brand names, we realise how important it is to build brand recognition. Higher quality promotional gifts have been shown to enhance reputations, increase customer loyalty and generate better leads.

Show your staff how important they are to you by suppling them with premium clothing as part of their corporate uniform. Maybe consider laptop bags or backpacks.

Always fashionable is our technology collection, we have earphones, solar chargers, power banks and speakers to name but a few, a functionable and useful product will be used regularly and is proven to be influential in campaigns.

Ideas that may be slightly different are found in our fun and unusual, a good place to start your inspiration. As travel restrictions are gradually lifted, our travel & leisure category may provide you with useful and relevant items associated with your business.

We are always on hand to assist you and although our online catalogue is vast, you may have your own idea that is not shown. We will try and source these ideas or provide alternative solutions, never be afraid to ask.

People love promotional gifts so why not supply them with a luxury promotional gift to create memorable impressions and raise your business profile.

Find out more from our website The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company Ltd alternatively ring us on 01256 880019 or email to enquiries@luxurypromotionalgifts.co.uk

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