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How Sustainable Is Your Next Promotional Gift?

We are all constantly reviewing our environmental credentials and looking for ways to improve sustainability but are you including your promotional products?

There are many considerations of waste hierarchy and include terms such as Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These components can certainly be applied to branded merchandise. There are also many viewpoints of the term ‘sustainability’ and what this really means. One simple interpretation is that it can be broken down into 3 areas or 'pillars' - Economic, Society and the Environment. Informally these three areas can be identified easier as Profit, People and Planet.

So, when asking the question how sustainable is your next promotional gift let's answer with these factors in mind.

Let’s start with the waste hierarchy. When thinking about your promotional product rethink how long you want the product to be functional and how this can reduce waste. Is it a product that people will love and therefore reuse often then maybe pass on to others? Is the product going to end up in a drawer or worse still end up in a landfill site somewhere? Finally, what materials are used in the process, are they natural, like bamboo, are they using recycled materials, or are they made from single-use or non-biodegradable materials?

Waste hierarchy answers the Environmental or Planet aspect of sustainability but what about the other two areas. We can all agree that we would like the people working on your project to be paid fairly and therefore help the local economy. We also would want this workforce working in decent conditions with non-harmful materials.

We sometimes forget that while building a brand for social or environmental good our promotional products should also be a part of this change.

By choosing your promotional gifts from us, we can source products from many leading designer brands that are associated with social and ethical principles and this has allowed people to support that particular brand. In addition, you will also be accelerating the status of your own brand safe in the knowledge that your products are sustainable in the three key areas.

The higher quality and type of materials used in combination with the exclusivity and desirability of the product ensures its longevity and reuse beyond expectations.

In our sustainable collection you will find a large range of products made from materials that are natural, recycled or recyclable. This diverse range includes bags, clothing, tech bottles and mugs. Alternatively you can also search for collections by brand knowing that these companies publicly publish ethical responsibility statements.

We hope that we can encourage you to make a difference on your next project and consider a change to luxury promotional gifts.

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