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Coffee? The marketing win that's easy to achieve!

Lavazza Espressgo Espresso Maker

You might not be aware, but it's UK Coffee Week.

This is an occasion that is right up our street . . .

Consumed in immense quantities, coffee is our preferred beverage here at The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company.

It might still be early, but we've got through several cups this morning already!

In this, we're far from alone, and there's a good chance that our clients and customers (and, in turn, their clients and customers) are doing the same right now.

Which brings us to our point:

That Britons LOVE coffee, so much so that latest figures show that, here in the UK, we drink 95 MILLION cups of it. EVERY DAY.

This is up from 70 million cups in 2008.

For those not so good at maths, this is an astonishing increase of 25 million cups - PER DAY - over a ten-year period.

For those planning a marketing campaign, this spells opportunities.

The theory, in simple terms, goes like this:

People like coffee . . .

Therefore, marketing campaigns based upon the beverage are certain to prove popular.

Further more, Promotional Gifts that facilitate and encourage coffee consumption are guaranteed to be well-received, prompting feelings of satisfaction, gratitude and client/customer loyalty.

With The Luxury Promotional Gifts Company on your side, this is a marketing win that is easy to achieve.

Visit our Food & Drink Collection and choose from our Villeroy & Boch, Bone China and Porcelain ranges or, for those keen to go the extra mile, our exclusive Lavazza Espressgo Espresso Maker - business branded, of course - is a Promotional Gift that is hard to beat.

Popular now, for those keen to capitalise on UK Coffee Week, and throughout the year (remember those consumption statistics that we outlined above), this is something to think about this morning (over coffee, of course) . . .

From us all here, Happy UK Coffee Week! Enjoy . . .

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