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Blunt Exec Golf Umbrella

This Product has a Minimum Quantity of 25

Product Name
Blunt Exec Golf Umbrella
Min Order: 25

Product Description
Taking the World by Storm Blunt umbrellas set out to revolutionise the umbrella and create an umbrella so enjoyable to use that you'd actually look forward to bad weather to use it. The Blunt Exec has been ergonomically redesigned to be unexpectedly stable and aerodynamic, making it a uniquely enjoyable bad weather experience. Blunt umbrellas are The Best Umbrellas in the World, super strong and super cool.

HOW BLUNT TECHNOLOGY WORKS RADIAL TENSIONING SYSTEM (RTS) The radial tensioning system (RTS) redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. The RTS creates a strong, aerodynamic umbrella with no sharp points - the Blunt umbrella. The radial tensioning system (RTS) consists of three parts:
1. DOUBLE STRUTS REDIRECT The double struts utilise all the force used to open the umbrella and redirect it outwards to the floating ribs.
2. FLOATING RIBS TRANSFER The floating ribs are telescopic - allowing them to extend towards the canopy edge. As the ribs extend upwards and outwards they transfer the force from the struts to the edge of the canopy.
3. BLUNT TIPS DISTRIBUTE Opening like little umbrellas themselves, the Blunt tips evenly distribute the outwards force from the ribs along the edge of the canopy.

THE BLUNT UMBRELLA IS BEST EASY TO CONTROL IN THE WIND The low profile and tensioned canopy allows the Blunt umbrella to sit effortlessly in the wind and provide maximum protection from the elements. SAFER There are no sharp points at the edge of the canopy.

STRONG AND DURABLE The Blunts innovative design means the canopy will not tear at the tips or easily turn inside out. The Blunts strength and durability make it the eco choice.

SIMPLE TO USE The push-pull runner makes the Blunt easy to open. A concealed catch keeps the Blunt closed when not in use.

STYLISH CURVY PROFILE The Blunt canopy is taut and smooth with a distinctive rounded silhouette.

Features of this innovative umbrella include:
Strong fibreglass 6 rib frame
Quick dry polyester fabric
Approx length of umbrella when folded 94cm / 37 inches
Approx diameter of umbrella when open 138cm / 54 inches
Weight 875g

Print Area: Can vary – prices shown are for a one colour, one panel print

Colours: Black, navy blue, red, grey, aqua

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Set up: £45.00 per colour on direct printing

Prices are subject to site of artwork.

All prices are excluding delivery and VAT.

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